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Frequently Asked Questions


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What is a kettlebell?

A kettlebell is simply a cast iron ball with a handle.  It is a hand held gym. Dating back to Czarist Russia, kettlebell training has been linked to Russia's dominance in athletics most notably the Olympics.

Will kettlebells make me look like a body builder?

No, it will give you a more of a statuesque physique, lean and muscular.  Kettlebell training is a plyometric style of training focusing in on core muscle groups, not bodybuilding.  This allows for the increase in strength and flexibility without adding the bulk.

Is Kettlebell Training only for the physically elite?

In short, NO!!  Although many elite athletes and law enforcement agencies have recognized the benefits of kettlebell training, kettlebell training is for anyone.  If you are willing to work hard and give 100% to each workout you WILL see results.  Through several plyometric and ballistic kettlebell movements, you will see your body transform before your eyes.

What are “core” muscle groups?

They are what some call the body’s stabilizer muscles (Abs, lower back, hip flexors, obliques-”love handles”).  In a lot of ways they are the forgotten muscles but are the most important for daily activities.  Kettlebell training will retrain the body to move as it was intended and make it stronger and more flexible, giving you “Functional Strength,” a useful tool for a long life.